Master’s Obedience

The K-9 Clinic’s obedience series is a four-level, four-week program that emphasizes socialization and handler control. Obedience classes are the foundation for all specialty training and will cover heeling, sitting, recalling and staying down with major distractions. The goal of the obedience program is for the handler to have control of his or her dog while performing off-leash work. If you have questions about which class to join, please contact us at the clinic.

agility4The Master Obedience Class is designed for a handler wishing to acquire improved commands and controls learned in prior levels. This level focuses on control over your dog in any envionment: “complete obedience, anywhere and anytime.” Classes are held in four-week sessions with each week building on the prior week’s topics. This class emphasizes handler control for off-leash work, hand signals and voice commands. Classes are held on Saturdays at 9:00AM. Dog and handler must complete the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience classes or be evaluated by a K-9 Clinic Trainer before graduating to this level. For all questions regarding what is required, what topics are covered, fees, etc, please contact The K-9 Clinic. See The K-9 Clinic calendar for upcoming classes.