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Announcements February 14, 2018

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***New Obedience classes will begin on Saturday, March 10, 2018***

  • Wednesday, February 14, 2018  ** NO WEDNESDAY NIGHT TRAINING**
  • New Obedience Classes start  Saturday, February 10, 2018.   Please view our calendar for class times. If you would like to sign up for class, please email us at info@k9clinic.com or call (831) 684.0861. Please be sure to call if there is questionable weather!
  • Iron Dog Prep classes starting soon, more details to come!
  • Questionable weather? Please call our recorder the morning of training at (831) 684.0861 or check our website for the latest updates on training conditions.

Need Directions? Visit our Contact page, please note our office is closed Mondays.

Homework for Group Classes!

Basic Class and Puppy Imprinting Class: Remember to practice only 10-15 min per session, 1-2 times per day.

  • Heel to a sit:  No more pulling or sniffing while heeling
  • Every time you stop, make your dog sit!
  • Sit to A Down. Start with small circles around your dog and gradually increase the size of the circle.  Try circling the other direction as well.
  • Recalls with a Stranger:  Have someone hold onto your leash, remember to feed and then run away.  Turn around and Recall your dog with his/her name and the command.  Back up as he/she is approaching.  Have them sit and then feed them and praise simultaneously

***Remember do not correct unless you can follow through, and 0 Tolerance*** Intermediate Class: Practice 10-15 min per session, 1-2 times per day

  • Continue practicing your down stays – start increasing, time, distance and distractions
  • If your dog breaks the down, it’s the Long Dark Road
  • Have fun with your dog and try some obstacles on your walk-Remember, SAFETY is the number 1 rule!

Saturday Highlights

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For more photos, visit www.socoolphotos.com/K9Clinic

For more photos, visit www.socoolphotos.com/K9Clinic