Fun in the Sun and Sand in Carmel!

Sunday, April 18th, 2010 | News

“Please pass the sunscreen. These UV rays are bad for my fur!”

“Mom, are we here to go fishing? You know how much I enjoy a lobster bisque.”

“Mom, this is most definitely beach party food-ables!”

“Err… Mom, why are you calling me over here when all the fun is over there?”

“Oh my dog! I’m so happy to see you Pop! Ain’t nothing on this beach better than you!”

The famous K-9 Clinic group shot to document canine to human ratio. Looks about right!

What readers don’t know is that all the dogs decided to lay down with a cold beverage and gave their humans the command to walk around them in a circle so they could get some exercise already!

“No, my mom most certainly did not crazy glue my head to her thigh. I’m just that good at heeling!”

Model runway material! Stone’s pink tongue matches his mom’s outfit, while her jersey matches Stone’s fur!

Again with the dogs taking a siesta while the humans get some exercise. Who’s training who here?

“It’s about time we got in the water. I hear the salt water does wonders for the nails and coat!”