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  • Wednesday Night Class- August 14th, 2013 at 6:30 at the K-9 Clinic.  COst for this class is $25
  • Thursday Night – FUN Competition Night – August 29th, 2013 at 6:30pm!  If you did not come out last time, come join the fun this go around!  All dogs of all levels welcome and it is open to the public to compete as well (so bring a friend if they want to get in the action :) ).  There will be fun prizes again and as always, bragging rights!  Cost is $25 ($20 for Yearly Membership Holders).
  • New Obedience Classes start Saturday, August 31st, 2013.   Please view our calendar for class times.If you would like to sign up for class, please email us at or call (831)684.0861.  Please be sure to call if there is questionable weather
  • Visit our Breeding page for our current available dogs!
  • Questionable weather? Please call our recorder the morning of training at (831)684.0861 or check our website for the latest updates on training conditions.
  • Need Directions? Visit our Contact page

    Homework for Group Classes!

    Basic Class:

    Remember to practice only 15-20 min per session, 1-2 times per day.   Your homework is to continue:

    • Heel with turns
    • Heel to a Sit
    • Sit to a Down
    • Down Stay- remember to stay close and do small circles.  If he/she gets up, calmly just verbally tell he/she to ‘Down’ and correct to a down.

    ***Remember do not correct unless you can follow through, and 0 Tolerance***

    Remember to ‘Pop’ don’t pull.  Walk your straight lines while heeling, and no sniffing or pulling while heeling.  When you sit, pop straight up to the sky.  0 Tolerance!  We will see you next week!

    Intermediate Class:

    Welcome back to 4 more weeks!  Remember to continue practicing 10-15 min per session and 1-2 time per day.  Your homework is:

    • Start increasing your distance and distraction for your Down Stays.  Remember, the higher the distraction, the closer you need to be on that leash.  Gradually, you may increase your distraction and your distance from your dog.
    • Start using your Hand Signals in conjunction with your verbal commands.  Soon we will go over how to start using one or the other!
    • Continue practicing your Recalls with a Stranger!  Remember to verbally call your dog with their name, back up and Target!

    See you all next week!  Email us with any questions you may have at

    German Shepherd Puppies Available August 2013!