January Highlights!

Friday, February 5th, 2010 | News

Hi, I’m Rosie!  I’m newly arrived here at the K-9 Clinic, and I think I am catching on fast!

Those shepherds have got nothing on me!  Paul, Tim-I can do what the big dogs do!

We’re just kickin’  it here in Carmel!


Portia showing off her prancing!


Gonna hang out here cuz my Mom said so.


I go in the tube and out the tube…next time I’m making my Daddy do it!


Sonny came in for a recall!  YAY!!!


Sasha coming out to her Mommy for a recall!  Look how fast she goes!


I’m so sweet!  I show this face to my Mommy and get ‘executive treats’ (translation: my absolute favorite treats)!