Saturday’s Are the BEST Day of the Week!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 | Photos of the Week

Dogs and their handlers look forward to Saturday classes because The K9 Clinic makes training fun. Sit, stay, down, heel are just the beginning of the many things you can teach your dog to do! Agility training can build your dog’s confidence as well as a better bond between you and your dog.


It looks like Frank (the chocolate labrador) was out late cruisin’ the night before class! Wake up Frank!


Iron Dogs come in all sizes! Bob and Sharon demonstrate excellent off-leash handling of their dogs, showing their dogs can stand, sit and  down from a very long distance during a recall exercise. Ya, but  can they cook dinner and knit a sweater?


“Hey mom, isn’t it cool to have double the fun that everyone else here has?”


“Hmm… I could be wrong, but I think someone else was here on this ramp before me. I’m not 100% sure. I’m taking a wild guess.”


“One! Singular sensation … every little steps she takes!”
“One! Thrilling combination … every move that she makes!”


“Um, errr..isn’t this the audition for A Chorus Line? “


“Yup Mom, I agree,  that punch line was hilarious! Brilliant even!”


“Does this poodle go with my beard?”


Honey blasts out of the yellow tunnel like a rocket toward mom.


“Oh my dogs! Dad, this is so fun. You gotta try it!”


New recruits line up!