Mid-Week Sunsets at the Beach

Monday, July 27th, 2009 | Photos of the Week

Beach season is still in full swing and The K-9 Clinic staff and clients know how to take full advantage of long day light hours. After-work beach classes are a great way to take obedience out of the classroom and into the real world. The surf, the sand and the sun add fun into the mix of obedience training. Here are a few of the mid-summer romps at the beach.

(Photos from La Selva will be posted next week! So stay tuned!)


Class begins with attentive students!


But wait. Someone here doesn’t belong! There’s a bi-ped among the quadrapeds. Can you spot her?


I BEG your pardon? What was that you said about all sable shepherds looking alike?


Tessa keeps her eye on the prize as she rocks it through the hoop for her first time!


Hoops? It ain’t no thing as Dakota flies like a butterfly through the hoops!


“What was that? I can’t heeeeaaarrrr you!”


Big brother says to little sister: “That poodle next to you? There’s a reason they call him ‘Houdini.’ He has a way of making puppies like us disapear!  Booowahahaha!”


 ”I also hear he’s trained in Tai-Quan-Do and can communicate in 11 languages outside of canine. But no pressure on your performance.”


“Just HOW many dogs can one fit on a slab of concrete? And with no naughty behavior?”


“I donno. But I’m sure glad they don’t make us do this trick in a Volkswaggon Bug!”

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