K9′s Be Nimble. K9′s Be Quick.

Monday, July 13th, 2009 | Photos of the Week

K9′s jump over the…hunched-over person?

Here are a few of our best shots from one of our Wednesday night beach classes, teaching our dogs to safely hurdle over any obstacle, even if its a person! ThanksĀ to our K-9 Clinic Staff and one very naive volunteer!


“Excuse me ma’me. Sorry to disturb your solitude. I’ll just scootch right by here as this person next to me is asking me to do the unthinkable.”


“Hang 10! Woo hoo! Let’s get the boards out now and catch some real waves!”


“Ma’me, would you prefer shiatsu, deep tissue or hot paw for your massage today?”


“That’s it breath deeply as I make this final adjustment to your low back…”


“Gee your hair smells terrific! Is that coconut oil I smell?”


“Picturing…a large cold turkey flavored ice cream cone at the end of this hurdle.”


Volunteers give thanks that this chocolate lab can catch air!


“Must…not…touch K-9 Clinic staff!”

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